Floriano Lobo – General Secretary, Goa Su-Raj Party

1- What do you think are the changes that have happened in Goa in the last four years and what do you see in the future of Goa in the next four years?

The only change that has happened to Goa’s worth talking about is that MINING has been banned through the efforts of the Shah Commission.

I expect that the Goverrment of Goa will recover the loot of  Rs. 35000 crores from the mine owners for illegal mining , besides the new International Terminal at Dabolim airport though it is both a shame on its shabby construction as well as its administration.

2- What are the most critical issues working towards Goa’s advantage?

The Regional Plan 2021. This is still in limbo and we hope that this is implemented soonest to save our scarce lands which are being gobbled by real estate sharks through government’s active connivance.

3- What are the most critical issues working towards Goa’s disadvantage?

Garbage and mal administration at all levels.

4- What does Goa need to do over the next four years to be recognised as a Global destination?

(1) Declare Dabolim Airport as sole International Airport of Goa and name if after Dr. Jack De Sequeira and cancelling MOPA (2) Bring Goa’s beaches to their original glory minus beach shacks and litter. (3) Give Special Status to Goa under Article 371 of the Constitution of India.

5- Are the people of Goa its biggest drawback or its biggest strength?

When you say ‘the people of Goa’, it means  the entire Goa’s population as of now. In this respect, I feel that GOA is at its highest drawback, ethnic Goanness having been diluted and is being diluted on everyday basis. I think that GOANS are a real strength of Goa and Goa Su-Raj Party will see to it that Goans along with Goa Lovers ( who are a plenty) will march forward in 2017 Elections to stop  the deliberate attempts by National Parties to take GOA over the precipice and done with, once and for all,  as a so called LIBERATED GOA.

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