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FlowerAura Expands the Valentine Gift Collection With New Personalised Products

GURUGRAM, India, Jan. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The season of Love is here, and it is time when lovers will be exploring places and shops that can help them in celebrating their deep Love with their partners. And so, FlowerAura – India’s #1 Online Gift Portal, is expanding its love-worthy collection of Valentine Gifts with many different types of products. 

What arrived as the first expansion for Valentine gifts is the new and enhanced personalised products that are sure to tickle the receiver’s heart. Some gifts provide the option of personalisation with the name of the receiver, and some let you do it through the pictures. Most of the gifts are curated to be personalised with both the receiver and the giver’s names and pictures. Wall clock, unique calendar, plant vases, lamps, perfumes, magic mirror, caricatures, explosion boxes, cushions, and teddy bears are among the new personalised gifts.

Love has no language, but the feelings know how to travel from heart to heart. With their gifts, team FlowerAura tries to help people rejuvenate Love and romance in their life. All the married couples can explore different heart-warming valentine gifts for wife and husband. Both the categories include gift items such as Preser roses in different colours, heart-shaped chocolate box, Rose lady perfume, golden rose, and more. There are so many products that no one will be experiencing a shortage in terms of gifting ideas. All the new gifts are also categorised according to Valentine’s week’s days to ease and enhance the gifting experience. 

FlowerAura always defines its name’s value, and they leave no occasion or festival pass without blessing it with some lovely and heart-warming arrangement of fresh, soothing, and blooming flowers. And the team is ready again with a wide range of Valentine day flowers. Arrangements are available in bouquets, different types of boxes, glass vases, and baskets. Roses are considered as the best flower for Valentine celebration, and so FlowerAura has specially crafted an arrangement of one thousand roses which is available on the website as ‘1000 Roses Bunch’. Apart from roses, arrangements of carnations, lilies, orchids, and gerberas are also available. 

During a formal chat, Himanshu Chawla, CEO of FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd. said: “We are a gifting brand, and we understand that gifts are means to deliver emotions, Love, and care more than anything. Valentine is celebrated around the world, and the day brings many souls together for a lifetime. We just want to be the medium of bringing two hearts closer together with our ideas and quality gift products. This year’s Valentine theme is ‘Love Is All We Need’, and all our new products are curated accordingly. Customer support services are also enhanced so that we can achieve the highest customer satisfaction.”

About FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd.

FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd. (FlowerAura and Bakingo) pioneer of the gift industry has flourished in the Indian market with its unique gifts (flowers, cakes, jar cakes, plants, etc. personalised gifts, combos) for the special moments that can’t be put into words. Started in 2010 under the entrepreneurship of Mr Himanshu Chawla and Mr Shrey Sehgal, the company launched its first FlowerAura store in the city of Gurgaon. Today, we lead the gifting market in more than 400 cities to deliver a delightful experience for every customer out there. 


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Media Contact: Suman Kumar Patra, [email protected] , +91-9650062220, Head, Product and Marketing, FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd., FA Gifts Pvt. Ltd.


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