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F.O.R.C.E exerts more Force for MoI

Forum for Rights of Children’s Education (FORCE) has demanded that the government should implement its decision to make English the medium-of-instruction (MOI) in primary schools that have opted for it, with no further delay.

Briefing media persons at a Press Conference held in Margao, FORCE’s executive body condemned chief minister Digambar Kamat for having taken them to interact with the Congress high command in New Delhi, a few months ago, on the grounds that the government was serious in implementing the decision.
“The government has to implement English as the MOI as soon as possible or will have to face the wrath of the all the school parent body associations” warned Savio Lopes, secretary, FORCE.
Other members of the executive body said that politicians were “only interested in making statements in favour of English as the MOI for political gains and had no interest in following up with their statements”.
“The chief minister promised that he would implement the decision and all the parents and students have already expressed their choice of language as MOI to the directorate of education,” pointed out Sinthia da Costa Fernandes, treasurer, FORCE.
Replying to queries, Lopes said, “We respect the court, but implementation and the court case are two different issues. Some members felt that the government has let them down and played a game on those parents demanding English as MOI for their children.”

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