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When your   hungry heart, cries out for love

And there is none to hear its cries

When all your wells of love dry up,

And, all your loves have died

When your tearful eyes look up to God

And, there is none to hear your plea.

When all your world seems lost and gone,

My love, just think of me


When Judas heads your list of friends,

And forces you to run

To run from Life; from God; to Death,

Like the swiftly ebbing sun

When hemlock laces every cup,

And Life forces you to drink

The bitter dregs of Yesterday;

And leaves you on the brink


When your world crumples beneath your feet;

And there’s none to wipe your tears

When your Sun’s eclipsed by depthless Night

And your heart crowded with fears

When you run, with clumsy; shackled feet

To clutch the dying sun,

My love, I’ll be besides you-

My love to guide you on.


When the Swan sings out its dying song,

And, death throttles your soul

When bleeding Life lies, broken;

Lost; forlorn, with aimless goals

When all alive, just rushes on

To escape that Fate of Death

My love, I’ll be besides you,

To battle with your Storms


Note: “FOREVER” was written by Amit Bhowmik in class in Sydenham College decades ago, during a dull and very insipid lecture on Business Management.




Amit Kumar Bhowmik is a lawyer based in Pune. He has his practice including in the Bombay High court as also other High courts as well as he appears as Counsel in the Supreme court. Although essentially having his practise on the criminal side he is an all-rounder having taken up matters in the matrimonial courts as well. He is a prolific writer and an unabashed champion of women rights.

DISCLAIMER: This article reflects author’s view point. Goa Chronicle may or may not subscribe to views of the author

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  1. Yes its true, its our ugly culture, when we do well at least keep going, our society ( friends +neighbor including our relatives they may not happy, but its unfortunate if we hospitalize then all these people will come with fruits, health drinks etc etc..anable to find this habit are they happy to see in sick ? only god knows

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