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Former AG To Represent State In Balli Cases

The government has replaced Public Prosecutor Sarojini Sardinha with former advocate general Atmaram Nadkarni to represent it before the Sessions Court at Margao in matters pertaining to the Balli incident.
This sudden development has raised eyebrows as Sardinha who handles government cases in the North Goa courts was specially appointed to handle the Balli cases.

What is more surprising is that Sardinha has been quite effective in handling the matters as she has successfully opposed the bail applications moved by Deepak Faldessai, the main accused in the Achal factory fire where two tribals were burnt alive and also the bail applications moved by United Tribals Associations Alliance activists Govind Gawde and Malu Velip.
In fact, Sardinha has represented the government right from the time Deepak moved his anticipatory bail application and has been successful in opposing it.

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