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Former CM gets stuck in Osia Mall lift

Former Chief Minister Digambar Kamat got himself into a sticky situation, when the lift he boarded at the Osia Mall to attend the South Goa Public Development Authority (SGPDA) stopped functioning because a shortage of electricity and left him stranded in the lift for over twenty-five minutes.

Kamat drew attention to his predicament by banging on the door of the lift. After several attempts of the concerned building authorities, Kamat and other two individuals that were also stuck in the lift were rescued.

Incidentally the last couple of weeks has been quite a cause of unpredictable worries for the Former CM, first with the spinal bone straining the nerve, for which he was adviced complete bed rest for the last couple of weeks; and today when he decided to go out, he had to take control of his nerves before he was rescued.

Sources close to Kamat have told that he was shaken up by the unexpected incident.

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