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Forward Unsolicited Telemarketing SMS to 1909: TRAI


In a consultation paper, the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has stated that all mobile users receiving unsolicited telemarketing messages will now be given an option to get rid of these pesky SMSes. All mobile users are required to do is forward the unwanted message to a dedicated number – 1909 – an action will be initiated against the errant SMS sender. Registering complaints over the web and emails is also on the anvil.

TRAI suggested that unregistered telemarketers sending unsolicited commercial communication be charged Rs 500 per message. After 10 such instances, the marketers phone connection will be disconnected.

TRAI’s plan is to get access providers to block delivery of unsolicited SMS that carry similar signatures and come from a number that send more than the specified number of messages every hour.

Even banks or travel portals that send messages related to transactions would have to hire registered telemarketers suggested by TRAI.


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