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Francisco Sardinha GPCC President But Just ‘Working President’

Lok Sabha Member of Parliament and former Chief Minister of Goa, Francisco Sardinha has been appointed as the ‘Working President’ of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee.

A press note to different media house by the All India Congress Committee, general secretary, Janardhan Dwivedi states that Sardinha has been appointed as the ‘working president of the GPCC’.

However, this move of the Congress high command comes a surprise, considering the fact the Sardinha was in consideration to be brought in as GPCC president and current president Subash Shirodkar would be asked to step-down. But putting Sardinha now as just ‘working president’ has thrown up yet another can of worms; since the powerful political lobby of Digambar Kamat and other ministers have been trying to stall the induction of Sardinha as GPCC president, and maybe this move is to free Subash Shirodkar during the election period. And this was clearly evident since Sardinha was not inducted during the candidate selection process.

The question however is whether Sardinha will accept this temporary position clearly done strategically.

Before going online tried to speak with the Congress MP, however, we were unable too.

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