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French President Macron sees alienating Russia from Europe as big strategic mistake

Paris, Aug 27 (IECurrentAffairs) French President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday that he saw alienating Russia from Europe as a big strategic mistake, since the project of a new Europe could not be implemented without reconsidering relations with Moscow.

“I believe that pushing Russia further from Europe is a deep strategic mistake, since we either push Russia into isolation, and this creates tensions, or we push it into becoming allied with other big nations, such as China, which is absolutely contrary to our interests,” Macron said in an address for French ambassadors.

“We are in Europe, and Russia is there as well. If we fail to do something useful together with Russia at a certain moment, we will … continue having frozen conflicts everywhere in Europe, and Europe will remain a theater of strategic fight between the United States and Russia, and [we will still see] the consequences of the cold war. We will fail to create conditions for the project on … reconstructing the European civilization … as we will not be able to do it without deeply reconsidering our ties with Russia,” Macron added.

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