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From a hope of a Miracle to Death: 21 year old dies at a Church Healing Centre

Hyderabad: In what appears to be a clear act of blind faith and negligence on behalf of the Church management, 21-year old Girisetty Rajesh succumbed to death yesterday day due to high fever while Church healers waited for God to work a miracle.

Girisetty Rajesh was taken to the Calvary Church in Somagudem-Bellampalli road three days ago by members of his family after he developed fever.

The family of the deceased has alleged in their statement to the police that that the pastors of the Church allowed Rajesh to die instead of sending him to a hospital even after realising that they could not cure him.

According to the police who registered a case of death under suspicious circumstances, they told IndianExpose that the family believed that the pastors at the Church could offer special prayers for Rajesh, heal him and bring him back to normal health. However, despite three days of keeping him there and prayers, Rajesh did not get better, but his health got even worse.

The police further revealed that the family stayed near the Church over the past three days to be near the Healing Centre.

On Saturday, a family member noticed the deceased Rajesh being put in an auto trolley and being taken out of the Healing Centre. The family believed he was been taken to the hospital.

The Church staff, however, did not take Rajesh to the hospital. The auto trolley just moved around the area until it was stopped by the family and other residents, who had caught up with the vehicle and protested that Rajesh be taken to a hospital.

After much altercation, the family impressed upon the Church staff to take the auto-trolley to the hospital, where Rajesh was pronounced dead on arrival.

The mother of the deceased alleges that the church pastor tried to portray death as suicide and dispose off the body on lake/railway track. Hearing her screams, other vehicles stopped and the whole episode came to light. Hang the pastor & his wife, raze the church to the ground

A case has been registered and the police has promised a thorough investigation into the incident.

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