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From Fashion Shows to Salman Khan: Sardesai mantra to promote agriculture in Goa

From mooting of organising Fashion shows on farm to now mooting the idea of bringing Bollywood heartthrob to ploy fields in the state, Goa’s media savvy Agriculture Minister and Goa Forward Party President Vijai Sardesai attempts to pique the interest of Goans in the field of agriculture.

Opining that farming lacks glamour and therefore local youths do not find it glamourise as a profession, we in government must work towards glamourising agriculture.

“We will have to organise something that gets glamour to the fields, perhaps in the paddy field. tomorrow if you get Salman Khan to a plough, all the girls from Goa will say that this is the thing of the future,” he told media while speaking at a function.

He said the state government has been undertaking various measures to enact laws to make farming an attractive profession for the youth.

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