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From ‘Laddoo Hub’ to ‘Business Hub’: Yogi Adityanath turning around Sandila Town

Uttar Pradesh’s Sandila town, famous worldwide for its ‘laddoos’, is on its way to become a business hub.

Owing to the Yogi Government’s investor-friendly policies , a number of Indian and multinational industrial houses are setting up their factories there. Prior to CM Yogi taking the reins of UP, Sandila was best known for its laddoos and its market.

But today, big industrial houses such as Pepsi, British Paints, Berger Paints, ITC Ltd., Haldiram’s and Webley & Scott have taken the initiative to set up their factories in Sandila.

Webley & Scott’s world famous revolver is already being manufactured in Sandila and soon British Paints and Berger Paints will also be made in their respective plants being established there. The remarkable journey of this, once a sleepy town, to a host to arms manufacturing giant like Webley & Scott has been possible in the last four years.

The UP Government has received investment proposals worth over Rs 6,000 crore for setting up various industries in Sandila of which projects worth 5,000 Rs crore have already got off the ground, officials here on Thursday said.

Webley & Scott has set up its plant, the maiden foreign arms manufacturing unit in UP, at the cost of Rs 100 crore. Similarly, Berger Paints Limited is setting up its factory on 35 acres of land at the cost of about Rs 850 crore. As many as 2,500 people will get employment in this factory of Berger Paints, which will start producing various types of paints by April, 2022. British Paints Limited, a well-known company of England, has also started construction of its unit over 10 acres of UPSIDA land at the cost of Rs 150 crore. A total of 600 people will get employment in this factory, which is scheduled to start production next year.

Located about 60 kilometres away from Lucknow, Sandila failed to attract attention until the time Yogi took over as CM of the state. But now big investors are seeking land from the UP State Industrial Development Authority (UPSIDA) to set up their units in Sandila. According to the officials of the Industrial Development Department, the environment of Sandila has changed due to the investor-friendly policies of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

Other prominent investors that are setting up their plants at Sandila include, Green Ply Company, Austin Plywood Company, Gang Industries Ltd, Varun Beverages Limited, ITC Limited, Hindustan Food Limited, Haldiram and pharmaceutical firm Swarup Chemicals.
Green Ply Company is setting up its unit on 35 acres of land at the cost of Rs 600 crore and is expected to start production in July, 2022. Similarly, Austin Plywood Company is establishing its factory at the cost of Rs 50 crore and will provide employment to 500 people. Gang Industries Ltd is setting up its distillery plant over 25 acres of land at the cost of Rs 250 crore and will provide employment to 700 people once completed. Varun Beverages Limited is setting up a factory at Sandila over 100 acres of land with an investment of Rs 700 crore to produce cold drinks, juices, etc. in association with Pepsi. Around 2000 people will get employment in this factory. Besides, ITC Limited is setting up its factory to produce flour, juice, chips, etc. over 60 acres with an investment of Rs 800 crore and will give employment to 1,000 people.

Similarly, Haldiram is setting up its unit on five acres at a cost of about Rs 50 crore and will offer job opportunities to 250 people. Hindustan Food Limited is also setting up its factory at Sandila at the cost of Rs 100 crore. To be constructed on eight acres, the factory will employ 600 people. Apart from this, land has been acquired for the pharma unit of Swarup Chemical and the construction of the factory is expected to start soon.

These factories being set up in Sandila will soon make Sandila a prominent industrial town. The Yogi Government is facilitating provision of land to the investors for setting up their units, which is encouraging more and more entrepreneurs to submit their proposals. The previous governments neglected Sandila for lack of vision.

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