From the ‘Mall Mile’ to the Capital, the MGF Mall Journey

Think of weekends, and chances are, M.G. Road in Gurugram will be on top of the list of places to go to for most people. The mile-long road justifies the tag that it has earned: the ‘Mall Mile’. And a large part of the credit goes to Shravan Gupta, Chairman, the MGF Group.

Mr. Shravan Gupta, Chairman, MGF Group

Much before he brought in the biggest FDI partnership in Indian real estate with Emaar-MGF, Shravan Gupta saw the huge potential in development of malls.

Young in years but with a maturity that went beyond age, Shravan Gupta recognised the fact that times were changing, and changing fast. He realised that it was no longer good enough to have scattered places with limited choices for shopping, entertainment, even dining. The solution Shravan Gupta came up with, in line with what he saw on his visits abroad: offer people a single engaging space that was a retail, entertainment, and dining destination.

In 1998, MGF Metropolitan, the first mall in the Millenium City, Gurugram, opened its doors. Excitement throngs loved the sense of spacious comfort and the opportunity to indulge in shopping for the best of brands, with great choices in food at the food court, and movies at the multiplex. 5,00,000 square feet of happiness is how some described it. It’ll be fair to say that The Metropolitan was the beginning of the ‘Mall Mile’. Close to the M.G.Road, MGF has also built the Megacity Mall, with a welcoming ambience and abundant choice of shopping and entertainment.

In 2005, one of MGF Group’s flagship projects came up at the busiest retail hub in South Delhi. The 2,00,000 square feet The Metropolitan Mall in Saket boasts of some of the finest shopping and dining options, and has become the place of choice for people of all ages. The MGF Group also has the City Square Mall in West Delhi, a family destination that has been a hit from day one.

In terms of scale and architecture, MGF Metropolis on M.G. Road, stands apart reflects Shravan Gupta’s and the MGF Group’s vision for the future. Built across 4 levels on 8,00,000 square feet, this new benchmark in retail developments boasts of a hypermarket, an amphitheatre, anchor stores, a food court, and the most expansive movie-going experience, the Mirage Maximum. True to its name, everything is maximum: 26,000 square feet of space, a giant screen, the truly advanced RGB Flagship Laser digital projection system, premium recliner seats with call buttons and charging points, and Dolby Atmos for an involving audio experience.

MGF is adding value to the customer experience in a way that digital shopping experiences never can. And from The Metropolitan to MGF Metropolis, the thousands who come through their doors every day are proof of that.

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