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Future of Work Post Pandemic

“The opportunities we have access to today are those which our grandparents couldn't have dreamed about.” - Chad Grills

Few months back, we lived in an era that was embedded in the thick layer of pollution, where the 7:00 to 10:00 of morning and evening witnessed
bustling and congested traffics, where the shining forehead full of sweat came up with a heavy load of work and where a man waited for the whole
week to watch a movie with his children. But with the New Year eve, the entire planet witnessed a similar change in their behaviour. Working men
began to prepare the delicacies in the kitchen, while the all-rounder women’s interest grew in the digital world. The hefty books bag on shoulder of
children reduced to the knowledge assimilated mobile phone, most importantly, the legacy and ethnicity of any family, our grandparents got the
attention they were mostly deprived of.

Relatives, friends, friends of friends, even strangers got connected in this lockdown through digital media. Virtual meets through video calls, hours of surfing Facebook, the playful moments of the team game Ludo and endless chit-chat on different media platforms brought million hearts together. The pandemic Covid 19, hence the absolute Lockdown, and hence the digital touch, worked as a blessing in disguise for the lonely and depressed souls who were otherwise hiding in the hole. Gradually, the rural world, where mostly the nation’s citizens live, where their land and love lie, satisfaction and sacrifice reside also entertained the rising sun of connectivity with the urban areas.

Now, when we consider if it is going to continue in the era, after Covid (AC), the answer lies in itself. Lifestyle changes in Covid; anything that entertains us and brings love and harmony into our lives without many hardships and difficulties, and then it becomes very certain for it to continue in the ages ahead. For now, the life after today would be such that a man would have the liberty to choose the timing and the work hours in office according to his preferences, keeping the decorum and discipline of the office culture in mind. The simple and sober hearts of the village got this brave believe that they are not forgotten and are equally valued. People understood each other as everyone was going through the same phase of problems. And do we know what; this is the biggest achievement of any generation that we have witnessed in the past months so far.
But let us remember that the seed ofdigitalisation has already been sown all aroundthe globe during the pandemic, and now it istime for us to wait for the saplings to grow.

The future would undeniably witness many bouquets
from the flowers of the same plant in form of data computing, remote sensors, satellites, UAVs, human mimicking robotics, and what not. But one fact that is palpably true like the rising of the sun after a deep dark night is that we are Homo sapiens. How much ever the developmental transformation and digital revolution come, we would never be able to control the beauty of feelings, the gracefulness of emotions and the admirations we have for our loved ones, and sometimes even for the strangers. And this is what is going to keep the living body live for the next millions of years. ‘Tomorrow is going to be beautiful’. Tomorrow, we would see a heterogeneous mixture of virtual connectivity and emotional attachment, with the homogeneous mixture of humans.

Author: Irashi Jha

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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