Garbage Bin with Volunteer4India Conduct an Art Workshop on the Theme of 'Swachh Bharat'

Garbage Bin, a popular web comic on social media, along with Volunteer4India in association with Mixed Route Juice, conducted an art workshop on the theme of ‘Swachh Bharat‘. Volunteer4India is an online platform for individuals to join in to find opportunities and participate in CSR & other volunteering activities for social causes, brought together with brands & NGOs. Mixed Route Juice, the co-sponsor of the event, is a content and digital PR firm. The art workshop helped children formulate a complaint in the form of their drawings that they made during the workshop. These drawings were then presented on a collage and were put on display to urge people to keep the surroundings clean and request the authorities to clear the landfill behind Vidya school.



V4I catalyses fight on #ArtAgainstDirt at Vidya School, Gurgaon


Mr. Ranjoy Dey, Co-Founder & CEO of Volunteer4India, mentioned, “Volunteer4India is always at the helm of providing solutions to the problems faced by the under privileged and ignored sections of our society. The activities and events which we have initiated or organized in the past have helped open the perspective and create a sense of empathy among the common people. One of our initiatives is a clean and green environment for all. The landfill behind VIDYA school has been a pressing issue for the school for quite a few months. It has in fact become a breeding ground for various diseases and poses a serious danger to these children’s health. Through the medium of art and painting, we want to present this pertinent issue and steer the attention of the people on the plight of these children and make them more proactive in the fight against dirt and uncleanliness.”



Cleanliness breeds creativity. Dirt should not stop this passion for creativity


Mr. Shan, illustrator of Garbage Bin, added, “Garbage Bin is all about nostalgia and how we used to behave when we were kids. So, it is always a great experience for us to conduct workshops with kids. Through this workshop, our aim is to not just teach these kids how to sketch, but also teach them to present their ideas in a unique way so that it leaves an indelible mark in the other person’s mind. Art has always been the catalyst for change throughout the world and through this workshop, we intend to do something small but useful for these kids.”

Source: NV1


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