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GARD Supports Suspended Doc

Goa Association of Resident Doctors (GARD) has come out strongly in support of Dr. Vanita Pereira who was suspended recently and while praising her for her timely action, expressed confidence that the suspension will be revoked shortly.
Dr. Pereira, a Senior Resident Doctor in the Gynaecology Department of Goa Medical College was suspended following a caesarian operation in which the child lost two fingers.

GARD argued that if Dr Pereira had not undertaken the surgery, not only the child but even the mother were at the risk of losing their lives. The mother having had a caesarian delivery earlier, developed complications while in the seventh month of her pregnancy.
While the mother was running the risk of uterine rupture, the fetus besides being placed abnormally had the complication of low lying placenta which got separated as the surgery was undertaken giving only three minutes time to deliver the baby, said GARD.
While praising Dr. Pereira for her prompt action which saved both the mother’s as well as the child’s life, GARD opined that the suspension was unwarranted as it was not a case of negligence given the fact that any kind of complication can arise in a caesarian section.
GARD also expressed confidence in the suspension being revoked shortly after having discussed the matter with Health Minister Vishwajit Rane.

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