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Gatifloxacin And Tegaserod Banned, Pharmacists Not Informed

The Central Government has banned manufacture, sale and distribution of drug gatifloxacin formulation and drug tegaserod in the state.
Drug gatifloxacin which comes in the form of eye drops, tablets and also injections is widely used to treat different types of bacterial infections, while drug tegaserod which comes mainly in the form of tablets, is used for to treat irritable bowel syndrome and chronic constipation. These drugs have to be used only on prescription by the doctors.
Since March 2007 US has already banned tegaserod drug which was manufactured by Novartis and sold under the brand name Zelnorm due to increased risk of heart attacks and strokes.

The government in exercise of powers conferred under Section 26-A of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940, vide Gazette Notification No. GSR 218(E) dated 16th March 2011 has prohibited the manufacture, sale and distribution of the drug gatifloxacin formulation for systemic use in human by any route including oral and injectable and tegaserod and its formulations for human use.
Hence, the government has directed all the manufactures as well as all the drugs distributors, wholesalers and medical stores/chemists and druggists in the State to stop the further manufacture for sale as well as sale and distribution of the said drug with immediate effect. All the drugs wholesalers are also directed to recall all the supplies of these drugs distributed to the retailers in the market and return the unused stocks to the manufacturers under intimation by this Directorate.
The government has also directed the doctors, hospitals, nursing homes, government hospitals, etc. to take a note of the above banned drugs and return the stocks to the suppliers.
Meanwhile, the pharmacists claimed that they have not received any circular or notification from the Department of Food and Drugs Administration.

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