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GBA demands amendment to TCP Act

The Goa Bachao Abhiyan (GBA) has decided to demand an amendment to the state TCP Act to bring it in consonance with the 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendments. The GBA reached this consensus at a public consultation meeting on the Regional Plan 2021.

While some GBA members and activists felt that the Regional Plan 2021 should be totally scrapped, others were of the opinion that the necessary changes should be made to the existing plan and the contentious aspects such as the golf courses and marinas should be removed from it.

GBA convenor Sabina Martins cautioned that in the absence of RP 2021, the RP 2001will be in effect and this will effectively help the builders’ lobby. She said the government was coming up with new rules to circumvent existing regulations all the time and cited the khazan lands issue as an example. She made a strong pitch for amending the TCP Act to go about the Regional Plan process as per the 73rd and 74th amendments. This had been envisioned by the GBA at the time of its inception, she added.

Reboni Saha, member of the GBA, also underscored the need “to attack at the root” and hence amend the TCP Act, particularly since the government was attempting to stifle local self-governing bodies like gram sabhas. “The government is very clever at sidetracking issues,” she said. The government’s decisions are not in the interest of the people, Saha added.

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