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GBA lodges complaint with TCP

The Goa Bachao Abhiyan has lodged a complaint with the Chief Town Planner, ST Puttaraju of illegal land filling behind Heera Petrol Pump Panaji which consists of mangroves.  The area is shown as Non Development area in both the Panjim ODP and Regional Plan 2021. However massive mangrove filling is taking place despite complaints.

Earlier a delegation of GBA comprising of Convenor Sabina Martins and Joint Secretary Miguel Braganza, had called on the TCP to inquire whether any development was happening in that area and for which permission was given.

Puttaraju stated that no permissions were given and in fact an FIR waslodged in Sept 2010. He also stated that no one has sought NOC for anydevelopment in that area.

GBA enquired at the police station and found that the case was closed in August 2011. No action has been taken, as a result more eco-sensitive area is now illegally filled. GBA is of the opinion that the authorities have turned a blind eye or abetted.

Copies of the complaint have also been given to the Member Secretary, North Goa PDA under whose jurisdiction the crime is taking place and also to the Member Secretary of Mangrove Society of India who is responsible forthe protection of mangroves. The said land filled which consists of mangroves and salt pans has also violated CRZ rules. GBA has also markedthe complaint to the PI of Panjim Town Police station.

GBA is concerned that no action is forth coming from authorities in these cases as a result the parties are emboldened and have undertaken more filling. GBA has demanded that prompt action be taken against violators and directions be given to restore the land to the original staus and make good the land.

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