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GBA to Agitate


The Goa Bachao Abhiyan has given a call to launch an agitation over the government’s failure to notify the Regional Plan 2021 despite various promises to do so.

Announcing the decision GBA Convenor Sabina Martins said the agitation would commence with a march to the official residence of the Chief Minister at Altinho on 14th October.

Sabina pointed out that the government had even failed to honour its promise made on the floor of the house regarding notifying the RP 2021 and said that they were “fed up” over the delay.


She demanded that the government at least freeze developmental activities till the RP 2021 is notified and pointed out that permissions were continued to be given in a haphazard manner for multi-storeyed constructions which would put a heavy strain on the already crumbling infrastructure as far as electricity and water supply is concerned.

“We demand that the government at least issue a notification freezing constructions at 50 FAR in settlement zones till the RP 2021 is finalized,” she said while pointing out that permissions for 80 FAR were being given indiscriminately.


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