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GC Expose: CM & Navelim MLA ensures justice to Celly Coutinho

Celly Quadros e Coutinho will be finally receiving her transfer order back to Quepem College, after being a victim of political vendetta and malice of the former PWD Minister Churchill Alemao.  When the matter was put forward to the Chief Minister by the Navelim MLA Avertano and concerned Priests after the expose; Manohar Parrikar studied the file and had a serious discussion with Director of Higher Education Bhaskar Nayak on the issue; following a decision to ensure justice to Coutinho was taken.

Celly Quadros e Coutinho living in Navelim, South Goa was working as an Associate Professor of Botany at the Quepem Government College until 11/10/2009. Besides, her professional career, the lady had actively participated and also vehemently voiced her grievances on numerous issues in the Navelim Gram Sabha and was also a part of a group of activists that opposed the corruption and illegalities of the then Public Works Department Minister and Navelim MLA Churchill Alemao in particular the Dongorim-Firgulem bridge (one of the many bridges proposed by the minister) and the removal of an illegal structure existing on the public road.

She was transferred mid-term to Sanquelim Government College.  And her reason for transfer as stated in the file noting is that the Minister of Education desired that she be transferred. However, no valid justification has ever been given to Coutinho till date other than the fact that she should compromise on her issues with the PWD Minister by the Director of Technical Education Bhaskar Nayak.

In a file noting of the Department of Higher Education signed by the then Education Minister and now MLA St Cruz Atanasio Monseratte it states, “The Hon’ble Minister for Education desires that Ms Celly Quadros e Coutinho, Lecturer in Botany, be transferred from Government College of Arts, Science and Commerce, Quepem immediately.”

When spoke to the Director of Technical Education, Bhaskar Nayak via a telephonic conversation, he said, “Coutinho can still apply for her transfer and we would look into it.” However, when told that she has sent a complaint letter to the current Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar on her allegations of deliberate harassment, he stated, “That the transfer were issued on the insistence of the former Minister for Education and constant harassment of the former PWD Minister Churchill Alemao. In fact, I received a lot of pressure myself by the former education minister because I was trying to protect Coutinho. Never in my career have I received such a tongue-lashing from a minister only because I was trying to be fair. But in my position there was little I could do. I tried to explain to her to not drag the matter forward politically. ”

When asked directly whether she was a victim of political harassment, he said, “Yes she was targeted by Churchill Alemao and he used his closeness to the former Education Minister to ensure that she would be transferred mid-term. I tried my best to work in her interest.”

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