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GC POLI-TALK: BJP Reacts to Curtorim MLAs Allegations spoke to Dr Wilfred Mesquitha, NRI Commissioner and Spokesperson of the BJP in Goa on the allegations leveled by Curtorim MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco…

GC: Allegations are made that the Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar is indulging in caste-based politics?

WM: I have read the interview. The MLAs allegations are nothing new as he represents a party that is renowned for playing caste-based politics with the people of the country let alone the state. So it is not surprising that they would now be resorting to the caste-based politics game including an attempt to divide and rule. But I know for certain that as BJP in Goa we do not under any circumstance subscribe to such politics. And you are free to speak to both Shripad Naik and Damodar Naik, whom he has made as examples.

GC: Allegations are being made that government is going soft on the mining, casino and SEZ lobbies; the very same lobbies that BJP had opposed to when in Opposition?

WM: We have appointed a committee to investigate into the allegations made in the Shah Commission report. Post that we as government will take the necessary action against the illegal mining companies and persons involved in it. But before leveling any charges as a government we need to be certain of the allegations and then act appropriately. This government does not receive or will take benefits from any lobby.

GC: Allegation has been that some BJP MLAs are unhappy with the function of Parrikar-led government?

WM: This is a normal cry of the Opposition which enables then to live in hope till they die of despair. In fact the interesting bit about the entire interview is that it is the Congress that need to be more concerned since he as castigated most of the senior state leaders and it appears that he seems to have received a special blessing of the Congress President Sonia Gandhi to make such allegations on even senior leaders from AICC.



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