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GC POLI-TALK: Congress MLA is gone mad reacts CM

Reacting to the allegations of caste-based politics, taking benefits from the mining, casino and SEZ lobbies and having no firm stand to taking action against corruption in state, Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar in a exclusive reaction to ‘POLI-TALK’ Interview in a telephonic interview has categorically stated, “The Congress MLA has gone mad and it is absolutely pointless in wasting time even responding to his allegations”.

He further added that if the Congress MLA had any evidence to prove that I or my government are involved in any allegations that he has leveled on us; then I am sure he is aware of the authorities that he can take his grievances too. So he should do that.

Right now the government is focused in giving the people of Goa a corrupt free governance and people have faith in us.


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