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GC POLI-TALK: Reginald was never in Youth Congress to comment on it: GPYC President

Goa Pradesh Youth Congress (GPYC), Pratima Coutinho speaks to reacting to the uncalled for statement made by CLP spokesperson and fellow Congress Curtorim MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco.

“With regards to the statement made by the Curtorim MLA that the Youth Congress in Goa is a disaster. I wish to state that the person who has commented against the Goa Youth Congress has never worked in Youth Congress and has never come up in the party ranks from the YC cadre. He is a leader who came into the Congress fold from a Regional party outfit (Save Goa Front) and hence does not understand the importance of the role of the Youth Congress in the party heirachy.

There were many MLAs who did not want a democratic result for the election to the state Youth Congress body, it is also not sure whether Reginald fits in this category of leaders who are were averse to democracy in the Youth Congress. But now I am feeling that he is expressing the sentiments of many who did not want to see me as the Youth Congress President.

The leader who points fingers at the Youth Congress should first tell us how much they have contributed locally and at state-level; it is common knowledge that Youth Congress in Goa has always been treated as bonded labour and never given the due respect and standing, which one feels the Youth Congress receives in other states and at national level.

Rahul Gandhi is on the contrary the leader who has imbibe charisma in the Youth Congress movement and very recently has also exhibited his commitment to the change and charge by inducting a youth force into the parliament. The membership drive is also going on beautifully across the country and state; very soon we will see a vibrant Youth Congress organisation.”



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