GC Reminder To NHRC

Goa Chronicle.com founder and editor in chief has once again knocked on the doors of the National Human Rights Commission bringing to its notice the gory incident of Tuesday.
In a letter addressed to the NHRC, Savio Rodrigues has recounted the death of a youngster from Sulcorna which he said was actually a murder that is being termed to be an accident by the authorities.

While pointing out that the dead youth was one of the anti-mining activist, he also pointed out that the police acted as couriers for the mining firm by delivering the cheque issued as compensation for the loss of life to the parents of the deceased.
Savio Rodrigues said the incident and more particularly, the behavior of the police has enraged the villagers who are totally frustrated as they feel that the authorities are not listening to them at all and the police are in cahoots with the perpetrators of atrocities against them.
Hence, he appealed to the NHRC to immediate begin its probe into the atrocities committed on the tribals by the mining firms.


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