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GC Tarot Card Reader’s Predictions On Valpoi Polls

Even as Valpoi goes to polls today to decide who will be its MLA – Vishwajit Rane of the Congress or Santosh Halarnkar of the BJP, Goa Chronicle’s Tarot Card reader Kiran Gupta has the following to say on the results.

Vishwajit Pratap Singh Rane (23rd March)

This dynamic, yet soft-spoken candidate from Congress shows a lot of enthusiasm over the oncoming Elections. Valpoi is his territory where he sees himself taking charge of the situations. Truly a people’s man, he has inherited the making of a ruler from his fore fathers.

The Cards say that he is good enough to make it to the victory stand, however, the chances would have been much better if he had chosen to contest the elections as an Independent candidate, solely on his merits. The following three months are months of abundance for him as he seems to be progressing and venturing into other avenues too. The battle field is as rough as treading on stormy seas and it’s only his determination that will make him pass through it jubilantly.

Santosh Tukaram Haldankar (4th April 1965)

A true Arien, he was always meant to be a leader, never a follower.

Being the son of the soil of Goa, fighting the battle field comes very naturally to him and he seems to leave no stone unturned. His planetary positions are favoring him and the cards can foresee him signing an alliance in the days to come. Saturn seems to be a kind of glitch in the way of him getting to the top. He should try getting the much-coveted position by fair means and be focused as he has a long way to go in politics. In the following year he will be occupied in getting things in law and order. The future sees him looking out for other options and better alternatives as the adventurous streak in him is very evident.

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