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GC Urges Restraint

Goa Chronicle.Com founder and editor in chief Savio Rodrigues has appealed to the people of the mining affected areas of Quepem and Sanguem taluka to exercise restraint and not to take law in their hands but to fight the mighty mine owners with the law itself.
Residents of Rivona and Sulcorna were agitated over the death of Francisco Jivaji on Tuesday after he was crushed by a mining truck. The villager were further infuriated after the mining company with great alacrity wrote out a cheque of Rs. 5 lakhs as compensation for the dead youngster and use the police force to deliver the same to his parents.

Claiming that the police are acting as touts for the mining firms, the villagers are now considering taking law in their own hands to teach the mining firms and unscrupulous police personnel a fitting lesson.
Getting wind of this development, Savio Rodrigues has appealed to the people to exercise restraint and urged their leaders to abide by the law and use the law itself to teach the mining lobby a lesson.

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