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GCA expels Narvekar, informs media but not player


Maybe the intent is to create mass defamation or people animosity towards the act of forging birth certificates allegedly committed by Goa’s former finance minister Dayanand Narvekar son’s Ganeshraj Narvekar, if not it would be difficult to explain why the Goa Cricket Association has pronounced and announced it sentence of expelling the young cricketer for six years to media without even notifying him or issuing him an official expulsion order.

Strangely, the Investigation Committee appointed by the GCA which was headed by Akbar Mulla did not feel the need to call the player in for questioning during their investigations. They have submitted their detailed reports based on the investigations but failed to inquire from the player about his stance on the allegations.

Even, Vinod Phadke who appears to have an axe to grind with the former GCA president Dayanand Narvekar or is an weapon used by political rivals failed to call-in Ganeshraj Narvekar for any interrogation and issued one of the most harshest decision meted out to a cricketer in the country. When cases of more forged documents of other players seem to be overlooked.


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