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Geldof remarks on ‘Drugs’ without visiting Goa

While renowned musician, social activist, Noble Peace Prize nominee and a Knight, Bob Geldof made his controversial statement, “I am happy to be in Goa, from where I got my best drugs”, it is interesting to note that this is the first-ever visit of the musician to Goa.

Speaking to media persons, Geldof further commented that Goa in the 1960s was a hippie haven. “I’m Irish, back then, I was 14. Goa was this lanf with drugs, beaches and beautiful women.”

Many Goans who were present at the ThinkFest event, where Geldof uttered the controversial statement were surprised and shocked at the the brutal, unapologetic comment of the musician, who later told the media that he did not feel the need to apologise on a truth.

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