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Generation of the 21st Century

Today, we live in an era of globalization and modernization. But what about life back in the 90’s? Was it the same as it is today? Absolutely no! We all must have heard from our parents that “In those days…we used to do this…etc.” Evolution has played a vital role in the overall development of our generation. What was so good about “those days” let us find out?

Life was calm and composed in the earlier era. People used to live a very simple life. Their earnings were enough to fulfil only the necessary requirements of life. There were days when most of the people used to live in rural areas or villages. They used to stitch their own clothes and cook their own food. Their clothing style depicted the serenity in them. People were prone to tough situations and this helped them to survive through the changing phases of life. Women from those days had a better grip of domestic knowledge. Even in terms of “Ayurveda” people were more dependent on natural sources for their food, skin and medicine as well. People of the 90’s era were more active and involved in physical work than people of today’s generation. They always understood the importance of flora and fauna and even worshipped them. People had knowledge of other skills as well like knitting, stitching and sports also which might be underrated for now. They had enough money to meet their daily requirements as they did not waste money on unwanted shopping like we do today. They had always been an example of leading a “not so luxurious but comfortable life.” Along with this people also had to face a lot of difficulty regarding many things. There had been regular issues regarding electricity. Earlier people did not have school bags or proper vehicles to travel from place to place. People had to work hard and still could not afford fancy stuff for them. Their native lifestyle had made them habituated and confined to their principles. This prevents the mindset of people to grow and develop. Earlier, the quality of education was beautiful but not up to mark. Children were taught about the Vedas, Granths, Mathematics and discipline in an open environment, probably below trees but they lacked knowledge in various fields. There was always a need for a change and that change had reached heights today.

Now, we see ourselves in urban areas with modern principles. We have a regular supply of water and electricity. Large buildings and well-maintained roads are a common thing to watch. Introduction to technologies have made our lives quite easier. In cities, we have cement houses and apartments instead of houses made of mud, wood etc. We feel safe from the changing seasons and weather. We also have proper readymade clothes. We have large factories and industries that provide ready made products. Earlier people used to go to fields to work and they had to work hard the whole day in the scorching heat of the sun. Today we have an option of online food delivery from Zomato, Swiggy etc. Earlier people used to write letters and post them but now we have the facility of emails. Messages could be sent to anyone around the world at any time, within fraction of a second. From the historic art of madhubani painting, manuscripts and other art forms we have evolved to the digital world of graphic design and manufacture. People were once dependent on stars and the direction of the sun to know the location and idea of where to go. Now we have a magnetic compass even in our mobile phones. From listening radios and cassettes, we have evolved to face new generation gadgets like television, laptops, tablets, I-phones, I-pads etc. Now we can not only listen but also get a view of things that are happening around us. We have social media apps that keep us connected with our near and dear ones.

Evolution in terms of educational development should be endorsed by one and all. Earlier the girl child was not supposed to be educated or even be alive! People had a very bad mentality that females were a liability but now with the development of the country, it is education itself that could help people understand the significance of education. Had one never got the opportunity to face the modern era of civilization, one had never understood or viewed life in a different way. Even today, most of the people from the rural areas do not know much about Science and this is the reason that they still believe in blind faith and superstitions. This also affects their mental state of mind and results in lack of confidence. There are many things and facts from which one could have been deprived of. For example, one could have never known about the matchstick and they would only have the idea of rubbing two stones together to produce fire. Moreover one could have never made the matchbox if one lacked the knowledge of the substances and compositions used in it. One could have also not known of the composition unless one had been educated regarding that. One could have been easily deprived of education due to lack of infrastructure and development in one’s area. Other reasons could be that one had been raised by such people who themselves had no idea about how to opt for a better life, what is the importance of being educated etc. In this way, this cycle goes on and on. It is then we realize how important evolution has been in our life. Further, we face ourselves in a position where we see people are willing more and more to live a modern lifestyle. Urban lifestyles have made the people almost forget their previous culture. Now there is a craze in the people to go with the trends. Gone are the days when we had silent seas and a fresh environment. Now we only see noisy and busy roads. People had reached heights in fields of education and development but this development has also made the people selfish. We see the forests being cleared and trees being cut for making industries and large organizations. Facilities have made the people lazy and dependent and they also lack certain skills which once our ancestors had.

We see the drawbacks coming but we cannot deny the fact that evolution has helped us view a much better version of ourselves. We cannot stop pollution or cutting of trees because obviously history says that we need to be dependent on natural resources at least. All we could do is balance our actions. If we cut a tree, we need to plant one. If our products lead to pollution, we need to develop another that might help us reduce the problem. Remember we cannot stop this “change” as it is a natural process and will occur by all means. Rather, we should try our best to direct that change in a positive direction that could benefit the coming generation as well.

Supriya Rani

Intern, Goa Chronicle
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