GenX Bazaar 2011 Begins Today

GenX Bazaar 2011, a 3-day e-retailing event by Speak Asia which will feature some of the top consumer brands begins in Goa, today.
Addressing media persons, Chief Marketing Officer of Speak Asia Vivek Gautam said that the Singapore-based company is the largest integrated online survey firm in Asia.
Claiming that the event is the first-of-its-kind in India, Gautam said: “The shopping festival which we are organising in Goa is the definitive proof of concept for our company’s operations. This is perhaps the only event of its kind which is yet unsurpassed in scale and size.”

He further added that several thousands of Speak Asia subscribers would be e-shopping for goods from premium brands like Skoda Auto, Provogue, Lenovo, and others worth crores of Rupees at the showcase event, which will be an ‘electronically and web-enabled marketplace’.
Gautam said that Speak Asia’s nearly one million subscribers online were paid to review products regularly, and the product reviews and feedback were then passed on to the manufacturing companies for a fee.
“This is an as yet unduplicated and a revolutionary concept which empowers the consumer into fashioning products which they want, because their feedback goes straight back to the companies. The payback for the subscribers comes in form of e-money and goes straight back e-wallets with which they can purchase products at discounted rates,” he said.
“Speak Asia is an eco-system that we shall nourish and evolve to a point where consumers, sellers and their via-medias will congregate for the benefit of each and satisfaction of all,” he said, adding that the State government was partnering with Speak Asia for the event.

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