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Rajan Borkar, born and brought up in Margao, pursued Computer Engineering from Shree Rayeshwar Institute of Engineering and Information Technology, Shiroda. He is currently working at Ciel HR Services Private Limited. In conversation with Ila Dhond, Content Editor at What opportunities do you see in Goa?

Rajan: For IT candidates there are major opportunities as world is going virtual globally. College syllabus is not relevant in the industry anymore. As students graduate from college; new technologies go trending which is totally different from the basic education system training. How was your Engineering experience?

Rajan: I was always an early bird in college. I am inclined to sports; I would climb the hill everyday which I pretty much liked. Lectures were conducted in different rooms. We had a strict rule on cloths. None could wear printed t-shirts. For boys, formal shirts were a must. But later the rule was discarded with the support of students’ council. What were the difficulties you faced during Covid?

Rajan: Since my work is independent of office space, I could work from home. It was continued through phone calls and video calls. Regarding work, I faced no problem at all. But my personal life was affected. My family day-out plans were halted. Do you think India is heading in the right direction?

Rajan: In regards to technology and authorities, India is doing well. Indian diaspora are at good positions in big companies like Google, Facebook etc. South India according to me is more logical and technical. Additionally, other countries find good market in India. And India too has built good relations with them. Why did you join Ciel HR Services Private Limited?

Rajan: Previously I worked in a small organization. Employees were stuck on certain positions there. With Ciel, I get to explore India, Interact with various people. I never found this opportunity anywhere else. I get to interact with CEOs of multiple companies. It’s just been three months since I joined Ciel. But I am much comfortable here. I feel this is the place to learn and grow.

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