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GFP alleges new Goa Congress President speaks ‘half-baked’ truth

Goa Forward Party (GFP) on Tuesday alleged that Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) President Girish Chodankar was trying to remain afloat by making sensational charges with ‘half-baked’ truth.

Addressing a press conference at the party office in the city, Goa Forward Party Chief Spokesperson Trajano D’Mello said,” The Congress President after taking over seems to be at a loss to pick up and suggest/propose policies for the betterment of Goa and its people. Rather he is trying to remain afloat by making sensational charges with half-baked truths. By doing so, he is creating a fear psychosis among the people and trying to gain sympathy. ”

On a proposal written by Director of Archives and Archaeology suggesting names of monuments in the state which could be considered for ‘Adopt a Heritage’ scheme, D’Mello said,” Whatever documents he (Mr Chodankar) has produced, he has failed to show an iota of truth to prove that my party President and Archives and Archaeology Minister (Vijay Sardesai) was in the know of this scheme. He has also failed to prove that the Director Archives and Archaeology ever placed the notings she made to the Chief Minister, before the Archives and Archaeology Minister, nor did she seek his approval.”

Chodankar should understand that in an administration the Minister did not know about every letter that was written by the officers in his department unless it was marked to him.

“In fact it was my party President who on reading news items in the news papers took up the matter suo moto and called for a meeting of all stake-holders with a view in mind that he would not agree to handing over any heritage monuments, least of all the religious monuments of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral. It was only after Vijai’s disclosure that such a thing was happening that Girish Chodankar jumped into the issue,” D’Mello claimed.

The GFP leader claimed that at the meeting called for to discuss ‘adopt a heritage scheme’, the Church authorities were represented in full strength by the Secretary to the Bishop – Fr Loyola, Fr Valerian Vaz, Fr Anthony, Rector of Bom Jesus – Fr Patricio and Parish Priest of Se Cathedral, who in principle, after going through the pros and cons, had agreed to accept the scheme.

Chodankar had recently claimed that the Minister for Achives and Archeology had told a ‘lie’ by saying that he was not consulted on the ‘Adopt a heritage’ scheme and sought apology from the minister.

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