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Global Indian sends Rajdeep Sardesai USD 300 Million Legal Notice

Taking cognizance of the anti-national and racist act of the Headline Today Consulting Editor Rajdeep Sardesai, the legal team of the global Indian Dr Gaurav Pradhan has sent a USD 300 million Legal Notice to the media anchor.

Speaking exclusively to in a telephonic conversation, Dr Pradhan, stated,”Rajdeep Sardesai uncalled for actions are anti-national and I have taken a serious offense to his hooligan act which hurts me personally as Indian and also the Nation’s Pride at large. The mere fact that your term some of Indian present there as ‘class-less’ is racist and reeks of apartheid behavior.”

Dr Pradhan further elaborated, “Some journalists and media personalities in India over the years are deliberately working towards tarnishing India’s global image. In fact the kind of question asked by Sardesai to the NRIs present there itself was belittling and insulting. Asking people if ‘Modi & BJP have paid the people to be there’ and then his retaliation when he did not get the answer he sort to calling us Indians ‘class-less’ is unacceptable. I take pride in being Indian and what I have achieved as a Indian; I will not tolerate anyone insulting our Nation’s pride.”

Commenting on the damages claimed, Dr Pradhan,”I will donate that money to the PM’s Relief Fund to work towards the benefits of the NRI community. I don’t need the money. I want to clean-up the media in India to teach them to respect our country first and the Prime Minister. Sardesai’s behavior was degrading and insulting to every Indian.”

Contrary to the misinformation being circulated on mainstream and social media in some quarters in India and Globally, through our sources present at the Madison Square garden have procured a video-footage of what transpired during those few minutes of scuffle between the former CNN-IBN head honcho Rajdeep Sardessai of Goan origin now consulting editor India Today and NRIs attending the Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi’s event in New York.

The video footage clearly shows controversial journalist abusing an NRI and when abused back resorts to charging and holding the individual by the collar, almost coming to blows. While Sardesai tried to play victim and blame Modi fans as hooligans. also communicated with Nikhil Diverkar – a Goan & Guiness Book Record holder who was present at the site of the scuffle to expose the deliberate provocations of the journalist Sardesai.

Thousands of NRIs from all over America, some from Canada & Mexico were present at the venue to witness India’s new Prime Minister Narendra Modi first public address to the Indian diaspora.


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