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Go to court on job issue: BJP dares Congress

Not willing to relent to the demands of the now unemployed youth of different departments of the government who got recruited on account of the alleged job scam of the previous government, the BJP has dared the Congress who have extended support to the unemployed youth to take the matter to the courts, if they feel that there has been any injustice meted out, since the government is clear that the jobs were given out illegally.

Speaking on the issue Dr Wilfred Mesquita, spokesperson of the BJP stated if Congress is certain that there is no illegality done in the job recruitment, what stops them from going to court along with the unemployed youth. Be holding ‘dharna’ and ‘indefinite strikes’ as measures of intimidation is not going to change the fact that if the jobs were illegally given than it is not fair to give those youths a job and deprive other deserving candidates. The Chief Minister has already stated that the youths whose appointment has followed all the procedures will be given their jobs but not the illegal recruitment.

Congress leaders including the youth-wing led by its President Pratima Coutinho have joined in their support for the unemployed youth. However, the question arising out their support is the Congress leaders are confident of no foul play, why then is there a reluctance to take the matter to court, opined a senior political analyst.

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