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Goa Among 10 Worst Beach Spots for National Geographic

National Geographic has named Goa amongst the 10 worst beach spots in the world. However, Director for Tourism Swapnil Naik dismissed this rating and wondered whether the authors had even visited the State.
National Geographic commissioned 340 experts to select the 10 worst beach destinations in the world who assessed the sites on six criteria: environmental and ecological quality, social and cultural integrity, conditions of historic buildings and archaeological sites, aesthetic appeal, quality of tourism management and outlook for the future.

Sharing the spot for the worst beach destinations with Goa are ietnam’s Nha Trang, Spain’s Alicante, Lebabon’s coasts, Grand Strand in South Carolina, Egypt’s Sharm el Sheikh area, Cambodia’s Sikhanoukville, New Jersey’s North shore, UAE’s Dubai, Mississippi’s Gulf Coast and Gulf Coast from Louisiana.
However, Swapnil Naik questioned these findings and argued that Goan being friendly and hospitable people should score high on social and cultural integrity. Besides, he opined that the historic buildings and archaeological sites in Goa are far better maintained than even those in London.
“I doubt the authors even visited Goa, they might have just picked up some stray reports on the net and come to their own conclusions,” he said.


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