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Goa anganwadi workers not happy with Budget benefits

With the Centre hiking the monthly salary of anganwadi workers in the country, Goa’s anganwadi workers’ salaries are set to rise much higher than the salaries of their counterparts. However, anganwadi workers in Goa say that their salaries are still insufficient when one considers the high standard of living in the state.
Union finance minister, Pranab Mukherjee, in the central budget on Monday announced that as anganwadi workers and helpers are the backbone of the Integrated Child Development Services Scheme, the remuneration will be increased from Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,000 per month for anganwadi workers and from Rs 750 to Rs 1,500 per month for anganwadi helpers. This will be effective from April 1. Around 22 lakh anganwadi workers and helpers across the country are set to benefit from the increase which will be effective from April 1.

In Goa, however, angawadi workers are being paid Rs 4,500 a month while anganwadi helpers are drawing a monthly salary of Rs 2,500; a sum much higher than in other states.
The director for Women and Child Development in Goa, Sanjeev Gadkar, speaking to, said that the present salaries of anganwadi workers and helpers in Goa are inclusive of a central grant and that they will be hiked further given the increase. “If someone is being given additional financial incentive, it is always good. We will hike the salaries accordingly with the increase in the anganwadi workers’ salaries by the centre, unless any state policy decides otherwise,” Gadkar said.
The salaries in Goa are set to be hiked to Rs 6000 for anganwadi workers and to Rs 3250 for anganwadi helpers after Monday’s budget announcement.
But Mukta Naik, president of Akhil Goa Rajya Anganwadi Karmachari Sanghatana, said, “Our salaries might go higher than those of anganwadi workers in other states, but our salaries will still be low going by Goa’s high standard of living. In addition to the work at the anganwadi from 8.30am to 12.30pm, we are also made to take up work such as raising awareness about malaria, polio etc. This means we work almost all day.”

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