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Goa Back On the Drug Scanner

Agodi Ifinasis, Johny Ogacco and Julius Afroom arrest has once again thrown light of the drug scanner on Goa. Last Friday the Anti-Narcotics Cell (ANC) of Mumbai police made one of the biggest seizures, in the last seven years, of high quality cocaine and nabbed the above three Nigerians.

One kg of cocaine worth around Rs40 lakh was seized from the three — Agodi Ifinasis, 58, Johny Ogacco, 45 and Julius Afroom, 36 — from near a bar in Bandra where they had met to crack the deal.

Ifinasis had come to India some time back and brought the drug for delivery. It was going to be delivered to Ogacco who is said to be big supplier of cocaine to drug peddlers in Goa, and Afroom was the mediator for the deal.

A senior ANC officer said, “Cocaine is generally delivered in small quantities of a few grams but such a huge quantity delivery is done when the demand is high. As tourism season in Goa has started, demand for drugs has increased. Ogacco wanted the drug in huge quantity so he contacted Afroom who has been into drug peddling in Mumbai since past few years.”

ANC officials are also going to check records of Ifinasis with the Interpol and other police agencies from countries in Europe and America.

“Interrogation with Ifinasis could help us know about other people also who are involved in supplying bulk packages in the country. It is suspected that he not only supplies to cocaine suppliers in Mumbai but also in Delhi and a few other cities,” said another officer.

Afroom has a case of drug supply registered against him in 2007 while Ogacco also has cases under the Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act registered against him in Goa. Probe is on to find out if there have been any cases registered against Ifinasis at other places in the country.

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