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Goa can be a high tech centre like Israel: Mohandas Pai

Former Infosys Director and Chairman of Manipal Global Education Mohandas Pai on Saturday said that for Goa, which is aspiring to become a hi-tech centre with cutting edge technology, Israel should be a model.

Speaking a panel discussion at Goa IT Day celebration and formal launch of State IT Policy in the city, he said,’We believe that Goa can be a high tech center like Israel with cutting tech edge technology that foster research and development. With the disruption of IT and Tech right now, this dream is totally achievable.’

“This disruption is being led by big data and AI (Artificial Intelligenc). And there is an opportunity which is coming up, because people who have a legacy, people who have built earlier, have now to change and change is very difficult. In Goa we are starting almost with a clean slate,” he said.

Stating that Goa had to become a digital state to facilitate its IT ambitions, Mr Pai said every Goan should be connected to the web and every place should have high speed bandwidth.

‘Children should learn new technology using handle devices. In colleges, you must have high quality data centres with all kind of knowledge and education system should change. We should create an open innovation system, where companies can come up and set up their own start-ups, indulging in technology and state should have supporting role, he said.

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