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Goa Chronicle stands with Rashmi Samant

Oxford University is one of the oldest existing universities in the world and the reputation it carries with its name needs no second thought. Students from around the globe comes to Oxford for 54 different types of courses every year, highest among them are Indians and Chinese. Like most of the universities, Oxford also have its Student Union where the problems of students are being addressed in a phased manner so for making it easier for the students to spend time in the campus during their curriculum tenure.

This year however was different for the student union of Oxford. Rashmi Samant, a student of MSc in Energy Systems contested the elections for Presidency of Student Union and won the election. The win is different since it is the first time in the history of Oxford that an Indian has contested and won this prestigious election. However, what happened after this was shocking.

Rashmi Samant has faced worse form of Racism. One of the faculty of Oxford named Abhijit Sarkar led a campaign which was not only dirty but bad in the eye of law as well as morality. He stalked Rashmi on her Social Media platforms. Thereafter, he put out an old picture of Rashmi’s parents from their social media platforms with Hindu God Shri Ram and used it as symbol of oppression against Muslim community. This happened despite of the fact that Shri Ram’s rule is looked as a utopian society not only by Indians but by various other nationals including Thai, Koreans, Cambodians. During this whole racism led by this communist faculty, no one came in support of Rashmi. Had anyone from the administration came in defence of the President of student union of Oxford, they would have easily witnessed the bigotry and hatred towards the Hindus and Hindu community as a whole. His Social Media is filled with Hinduphobic contents, yet no action has ever been taken against him. Eventually, she was forced to quit due to her religion and her choices by these bullies which is not only shameful but is a great injustice to her.

At a time when whole world is fighting for democratic rights, an Indian woman is forced to quit her post which she has won democratically. We at Goa Chronicle spoke to Rashmi Samant and tried to understand this cancel culture and hate campaign and we stand in solidarity with Rashmi Samant.

Find the link to the interview of Rashmi Samant with Goa Chronicle here:

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