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Goa Church body slams tourism policy, calls it mirage

Panaji: The Centre for Responsible Tourism (CRT), a church-supported body, has stated that the recently released Goa Tourism Policy, 2020, lacks the raw empirical data on tourism in the state and is devoid of realistic statistics tourists — foreign and domestic — who visit the state. The CRT statement calls the tourism policy a mirage which won’t benefit Goa and its people.

It has submitted two booklets — ‘People’s charter for tourism’ and ‘People over profit’ — with a request to include them in the tourism policy.

The policy fails to reflect the revenue generated and how much of the income is re-invested in the state, the statement reads.

In the recently notified policy, the government has displayed its complete disconnect and ignorance about the present status of tourism in the state and the challenges faced by the stakeholders and local communities involved in tourism-related activities, it states.



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