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Goa CM refuses double rail track

In a major setback to the South Western Railway’s proposed doubling of track between Karnataka (Hospet) and Vasco, the Goa government has refused permission to lay the double track in its jurisdiction.

“I have refused the permission to double the track of South Western Railway in Goa. We don’t want it,” state Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar expressed. The state is happy with the single line and does not need to double it, Parrikar said.

“We are not giving any permission for the double tracking,” he said, adding that the proposal of increasing the tracks was mooted at the behest of few industries which want to transport coal from Mormugao Port Trust.

The industrial activity in the state is unlikely to be increased due to this new project, he said. “The double track can be laid up to Goa border but within the state limits we won’t allow,” he added.

Goa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI), state’s apex industrial body, had earlier supported the doubling of the track claiming that with the current line capacity, the South Western Railway can run only 12 trains (in a day)- both freight and passenger trains together.

“The capacity cannot be improved without this much needed step. This would also help improve the rail traffic to and from the hinterland,” the GCCI had said.

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