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Goa CM sets record straight with Kerala Health Minister for misinformation

Panjim: Chief Minister of Goa, Dr Pramod Sawant took to social media platform Twitter to rebut the false information imparted by the Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja in an interview to BBC on the state’s efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic.

Dr Pramod Sawant in a five-thread tweet, stated, “I am appalled by the factually incorrect statements of Kerala Health Minister Smt. K. K. Shailaja Ji during her interview with the BBC regarding the death in Kerala of a COVID positive patient from Goa

I wish to clarify 3 things in this matter.

The said patient to our knowledge and as confirmed by Kerala IDSP team is not from Goa and has not travelled from here for lack of health facilities. 2/5

Goa has a dedicated COVID 19 Hospital to deal with the pandemic. 7 patients have fully recovered after receiving treatment from the said hospital and we continue to treat COVID 19 patients from Goa as well as from other states.

Goa has outstanding healthcare facilities with Goa Medical College being one of the oldest and finest medical colleges in Asia. For decades, we have been treating a large number of non Goan patients, especially from our neighbouring states for different ailments

I also want to inform you Madam that Goa is a full-fledged State and not a Union Territory.”

Here is a video of the Kerala Health Minister’s statement:

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