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Goa Congress demands dismissal of BJP-alliance government

The opposition Congress in Goa on Monday claimed that there was failure of constitutional machinery in the state and demanded that government be dismissed.

Addressing a press conference at the party state headquarter in the city, former Union Law Minister Ramakant Khalap said,”Our ministers, including our Chief Minister, when they entered office, they took oath, which is a requirement of our Constitution and in this oath, the concerned state minister has to very clearly promise, that we shall uphold the sovereignty of India, faithfully and consciously discharge duties as a minister in the state and do right to all manner of people in accordance.This is the oath every minister has to take. If you are not able to pay any attention to your duties, that as a minister, you are expected to perform, then it is a violation of the oath taken by the minister. And if there is a violation of the oath taken by the ministers, it tantamounts to failure of constitutional machinery. And the failure of the constitutional machinery, leads to only one thing. Dismissal of the government, taking over of the government: President’s Rule.”

Khalap, who is also spokesperson of Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) said several ministers had also fallen ill and their sickness did not appear to be a simple sickness.

“One has been shifted to America in the very same hospital where the Chief Minister is getting treatment and the other is in Mumbai. Mr (Pandurang) Madkaikar’s portfolio as well as the portfolios of Mr Francis D’Souza in their absence has been taken over by the Chief Minister. Now when the Chief Minister is sick and he is absent from the state, question is, who looks after those portfolios and if you look at nature of the portfolios which are being handled by the three ministers, then almost 80 per cent of the budgetary allocations are to be handled by the main three ministers in the cabinet,” the Congress leader claimed.

“While we all have been and continue to pray for fitness and good health of all the ministers, including the Chief Minister, Congress cannot sit idle and watch the helplessness of the people of Goa. The adverse impact of the absence of these ministers and the various issues which have been plaguing the state for the last ten months and which need to be taken care of,” he said.

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