Goa Congress Office Bearers ‘Confusion’

All India Congress Committee (AICC) and Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) in the past have worked in diagonally opposite directions and a strong case in point is the current Congress Office bearers’ appointment. While AICC has approved one list, GPCC has issued a list without approval from AICC on the additional office bearers. GoaChronicle.com highlights this confusion…

In a ‘Press Release’ issued on the letterhead of the All India Congress Committee dated September 27, 2011, AICC General Secretary Janardan Dwivedi states, the following, “The Congress President Sonia Gandhi has approved the proposal for appointing the President of Dadra & Nagra HavelI TCC and constitution of PCC; Election Committee and Manifesto Committee for Goa and PCC; Election Committee, Co-ordination committee and Campaign Committee for Odisha as enclosed.”

Following which Janardan Dwivedi enclosed the following approved office bearers of the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee, Election Committee and Manifesto Committee.

The official list was announced during the GPCC meeting which was attended by the Goa Desk-in-Charge Jagmeet Singh Brar and General Secretary Sudhakar Reddy. However, post the announcement, many objections were raised in different political circles and GoaChronicle.com has learnt that while the certain names were added to the list, it has not yet received official approval from AICC but just an unofficial list which the GPCC had handed over the Press. Thereby, raising question to the official status of these office bearers and the functioning of the GPCC without prior approval from AICC.

On the list of General Secretaries, approved by the AICC in Janardan Dwivedi enclosed documents; the names that feature are the following; we will show it with the GPCC list which has not yet received AICC approval.

Here is the list of the Secretaries of the GPCC approved by the AICC and the unofficial list of the GPCC without AICC approval.

In the Executive Members list when compared to GPCC unofficial list; it is surprising to note that; approved members such as Aldona MLA and former minister Dayanand Narvekar, Vice-President MK Shaikh and General Secretary Arthur Sequeira have not found a mention in the GPCC list which has not yet been approved. But instead as Executive Members we have Mangaldas Mandrekar, Damodar Bhatkar, Mangesh Waikar, Francis and Mauvin D’Souza who have not been approved by AICC in its list.

In the Election Manifesto list, the GPCC general secretary Altinho Gomes names features in the AICC approved list; but somehow it is dropped from the GPCC yet to be approved list.

When GoaChronicle.com spoke to Subash Shirodkar, GPCC president, he stated, “That some names were added to the AICC list in consultation with both Brar and Reddy and in view of the better functioning of the party, and the names are awaiting approval as was told to us by both the AICC Desk-in-Charge, but I cannot comment of any approval, you would need to check with the AICC office.”

While the question surrounding the AICC approved office bearers and the GPCC not yet approved list does the round; some members of the GPCC feel that the addition and deletion were done to please certain political lobbies and time will tell whether the AICC president would approve of it or is even aware of the changes which took place at the GPCC level.

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