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Goa could go Mexico, Colombia way on drug issue: Rane

Already known as a narco-tourism destination of India, Goa could go Mexico or Colombia way, where “elected” drug lords would call the shots, Leader of Opposition in the state assembly Pratapsing Rane said told media in a press briefing from the Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) office.

Asked if the state was going the way of Mexico and Colombia, where drug cartels rule the roost, Rane said: “It could go”.

The question was asked against the backdrop of gang wars between Nigerians and local drug mafia, which spilled out on Goa’s roads more than a week ago.

“Because if you see the kind of money they are making, one day they could fight elections and we will be ruled by drug lords,” said Rane, a former chief minister whose tenure spanned nearly two decades.

A gang war between Nigerian and native narcotics gangs spilled in the open on October 31 resulting in a murder of a Nigerian and was followed by a conflict between the Africans on one side, and locals and police on the other.

The BJP-led coalition government, which has been criticised for being unable to rein in the drug mafia, has ordered a crackdown on Nigerians following the public clash.

Two persons owing allegiance to the local drug mafia have also been arrested for the Nigerian’s murder.

Rane said that whether it is a drug mafia involving foreigners or locals, the state crackdown should be severe.

A recent legislative committee report on drug trade has indicted Rane’s senior colleague and former home minister Ravi Naik and his son Roy, linking the duo to Goa’s drug lords.

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