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Goa Deputy Speaker & BJP MLA supports Opposition on Formalin in fish issue

Goa Legislative Assembly Deputy Speaker and Calangute MLA Michael Lobo on Friday said that he supported the Opposition on the issue of having discussion on formalin in fish issue in the state assembly.

Speaking to reporters at the assembly complex at Porvorim near the city, he said,”What opposition has done yesterday was right thing and I support them.I support all the Goans who are standing up on this issue.”

“It is not only the opposition but the entire Goa is worried about formalin in fish. Pesticides and chemicals which are dangerous to human life are being put where food is concerned is not acceptable by any Goan or Indian,” he said.

Lobo said so far no measures had been taken by the Department of Fisheries or Food and Drugs Administration (FDA).

“They will have to take measures in near future. There were no measures that is why fish were sold in this fashion but it is good that, why are talking only about fish.. why not fruits.. They (FDA and Fisheries Department) were used to be sitting behind the bench or desk. Let them come out of the office. All over the world FDA office is near general market and they keep a watch and do periodical checks which was not happening here. Periodical checks have to be done in food and vegetable market. We cannot take things for granted. People coming to Goa as tourists or local people cannot be put to risk just because of the negligence of some department or some people,” he said.

The opposition led by Congress stalled proceedings of the House on the second day on Friday on the issue of formalin used in preservation of fish.

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