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Goa forgets but Punjab honors Shaheed Karnail Singh of Goa Liberation Movement

In a shocking act of forgetfulness and indifference, the Goa government has forgotten to remember and honor, the first Shaheed (Martyr) of the Goa Liberation Movement Shaheed Karnail Singh from Issru in Punjab.

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The government of Punjab on the other hand paid tributes to the Shaheed and his family at Issru and urged the youth of Punjab to emulate the young martyr by fighting the drug menace in the state of Punjab

Speaking at an event to commemorate the sacrifice of Karnail Singh, Punjab Rural Development and Panchayats Minister Tripat Rajinder Singh Bajwa called upon the residents of state to assist the state government in the war against drugs. “Like our great martyrs who fought for independence of our country, people of our state should fight against drugs, like Shaheed Karnail Singh,” the ministers said.

Chief Minister of Punjab with Shaheed Karnail Singh’s relatives. Image courtesy: The Tribune Chandigarh

The event was organised to commemorate the martyrdom day of Shaheed Master Karnail Singh Issru who was killed in the Goa liberation movement.

Shaheed Singh was a participant of the Satyagraha movement. He marched with fellow Satyagraha members from Pune to Goa in defiance of the Portuguese-rule over Goa and was shot dead trying to save his colleagues who were being shot at by the Portuguese soldiers.


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