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Goa Forward Party files petition with Goa Lokayukta over #LabourGateScam

Panjim: Goa Forward Party (GFP) – a NDA alliance partner at the Centre – has filed a petition over the Labour Gate scam allegedly running into crores of rupees with the Goa Lokayukta.

GFP has alleged that the BJP government has fraudulently allotted money from the Migrant Workers Relief Fund during the COVID-19 pandemic to BJP workers.

In a press conference held earlier this week, Durgadas Kamat, vice-president, GFP, played out recorded conversation of a few people whose names were listed as migrants to receive money from the migrant workers relief fund.

One migrant Gopal Rathod was listed as a construction worker but was actually a driver. Another lady on the list was called but she did not know she was on the list and neither did she received any money. One person listed as a labour contractor was actually a rickshaw driver. Another listed as a labour contractor but he was running a mutton-chicken shop. Some never even filed forms but will listed as labour contract workers. One person Patil was listed but the number belonged to a person named Raju who was mason and he never gave his name for any relief.

Speaking to after filing petition with the Lokayukta, Kamat, stated, “GFP has filed a petition with the Goa Lokayukta. The matter needs to be thoroughly investigated. Crores of rupees have to disbursed amongst BJP workers from the amount earmarked for building and other construction labourers. “

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