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Goa Forward will become a formidable force

It is intriguing to read about the formation of a regional political force Goa Forward – master-minded by three Independent musketeers of the Goa Legislative Assembly – Vijai Sardesai, Naresh Sawal and Rohan Khaunte. Intriguing because instinctively I believe that Goa’s political landscape is about to witness its most interesting battle.

As known to all, these three have already proved their mettle in the last Assembly elections in 2012 where the denial of Congress tickets turned-out to be a blessing in disguise for them and they took up the challenge to prove that they were indeed leaders of the future. Other Independent leaders Avertano Furtado and Benjamin Silva, who took BJP support, preferred to remains dumb sheeps with zero ambition to change Goa’s political situation for the better.

If you critique them in terms of their performance as MLAs and leaders in the opposition camp, they have outshone the current Opposition party Congress – who have relegated themselves to being the grandmother hen – that claims to hatch young chicks (political leaders) to lead Goa – but in reality appears to be on its last leg of existence in Goa and India.

Sardesai, Khaunte and Sawal having being indoctrinated in the Congress ideology, which mostly blows the trumpets of secularism, they to have also started planning a scenario of insecurity for the secular people of Goa. Their targets have been naturally BJP, RSS and Ram Sene – who draw their strength from the Saffron brigade. However, in this propaganda, they conveniently forgetten anti-social organisations such as Popular Front of India (PFI) who too are also fundamentalists of the Green brigade and look for their indirect support during the Lok Sabha election.

Let’s also not forget that they are former Congress leaders who remained quiet when Congress sowed its roots of corruption on similar grounds to what BJP is doing now and even more blatantly. The highly corrupt Congress – was booted out of Goa and India in the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections.

If they align in any form with Congress, they will only undo the ‘Goenkarponn’ drive they have started, since Congress that had ruled Goa for many years, had taken the beauty of our divine state and destroyed it through its blatant illegalities and irregularities like the mining scam, SEZ scam and many more.

So when, Goa Forward stands along with Congress leaders who have done far more damage to Goa’s Environment to protest against the ‘Save Coconut Tree’ agitation, you wonder if this is just an election ploy to show the people of Goa, that they are working for the interest of Goa or not; because if elected to power these same self-proclaimed saints can turn sinners, like the BJP. But lets give them the benefit of doubt because we must all rally together ‘Save Coconut Tree’ from the absurd intent of the current government.

During the Lok Sabha 2014 election, Sardesai along with Congress MLA Alexio Reginald Lourenco fighting for the South Goa Member of Parliament position put up a good fight, they could not beat the ‘Modi’ wave and lost out in the MP race. Nevertheless, what it did bring to light is the fact that the leader fondly known as ‘Goa’s Chanakya’ Vijai Sardesai had a good test run to prepare ground for a battle that he and his other musketeers have set their sight on for sometime now – Goa Assembly Election 2016. The Margao Municipal election was just one such sparring session and warning signal to show both Congress and BJP, that they cannot be taken lightly.

My ground analysis indicate on their own as on today their three seats Fatorda, Porvorim and Bicholim of Sardesai, Khaunte and Sawal are secured. If they forge formidable alliances with the right political leaders in the months to come such as Babush Monseratte, Nilkanth Halarnkar, Alexio Reginald Lourenco and some new faces, they could easily see their tally going to seven seats and that would make them a force. If they go with Congress, they might not be as successful as they plan, especially if they have a pre-poll alliance. A hidden covert understanding could do the trick.

As I have often stated that it’s is time Goa gets a formidable regional force who understands the nuisances of the people of Goa and are not puppets of Central leaders. Let’s hope Goa Forward stays true to its current agenda of ‘Saving Goa’s Identity’.

Savio Rodrigues

Savio Rodrigues Founder & Editor-in-Chief GoaChronicle.com

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